Grant Opportunities

  • Community Grants

    Thriving Communities Support Grant

    The Thriving Communities Support Grant is funded by Lodging Tax Collections, and replaces several community grants that used to require a separate submission.

    The Thriving Communities Support Grant seeks to financially support:

    • Efforts to focus on improving quality of life for the residents of Golden.
    • Programs and projects from Golden non-profits to address physical or health, educational or livability needs of Golden residents.
    • Cultural programs and activities.
    • Community events to support community values.
    • Other innovative programs and projects will be considered.

    The City expects to award funding for current year, 2024, to selected eligible programs and projects demonstrating strong support for Council goals and the ability to achieve implementation during 2024. The total funding for this annual cycle is approximately $500,000.

    Deadline to submit your grant is November 7, 2023.

  • Special Events/Attractions Grant

    This category includes programs, and specials events that bring people into Golden and provide enjoyment and/or education for Golden residents. This grant includes the arts, cultural events, and community events.

    The City has allocated $40,000 for this grant category in 2023, with a maximum grant award amount of $5,000.

Business Grant Programs

Applicants for DDA grants must have an address within the DDA boundaries. Check the DDA area map JPG if you are uncertain. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Capital Improvements

The intended use for this grant is to stop, halt or prevent the deterioration of buildings and structures within the DDA boundaries, while providing a pleasant experience for downtown residents, businesses and visitors

The DDA will match 50% of project costs up to $15,000 per grant.

Professional Services

The professional services grant is intended to assist businesses in downtown Golden fund enhancements to services and operation. Examples include (but are not limited to):  Energy Audits, Website Construction or update, and one-off professional services. This grant is not intended to fund operational services.

The DDA will match 50% of project costs up to $4,000 per grant.

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Guidelines for DDA and City Grant Opportunities

  • Applicants must clearly state if a potential conflict of interest may occur. The policies for mitigating a conflict of interest include the following:
    1. Grant funds cannot be used on any other projects other than for the purposed state in the grant application.
    2. Funding cannot be used to financially benefit a business interest of your relative(s).
    3. Funding cannot be used to provide personal financial benefit.
  • Grants are not for past work, projects, and/or purchases
  • Payment is on a reimbursement basis, unless otherwise authorized. The grantee must remit proof of payment in order to receive funding.
  • Funding cannot be used on alcoholic beverages.
  • Every attempt should be made to utilize contractors or businesses within Golden.
  • All submittals become public once received by the City of Golden
  • All recipient organizations must operate in an open and transparent manner with financial statements available for reasonable inspection.
  • The City will only provide financial assistance to programs and organizations that have a very strong nexus to Golden. Casual or infrequent use by Golden citizens is not enough connection in and of itself.
  • The City does not intend to become a regular, anticipated funding partner with any organization. We hope that our limited funding will enable worthwhile organizations to establish permanent funding sources; rise to new levels of service; meet an urgent need or take advantage of a unique opportunity. Likewise if we can help build a small or large improvement that will last for many years and contribute to life in Golden we are interested in making one-time or occasional contributions. Except as provided in the Citizen Assistance category, grants should not be requested for on-going program costs.
  • The City reserves the right to reject any and all applications and to waive minor irregularities in grant application.
  • Grants are awarded with the expectation that the recipient provides goods and services to all persons without regard to race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, physical or mental ability, veteran status, military obligations, and marital status.
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