Mobility & Transportation Advisory Board

The Mobility & Transportation Advisory Board was established by City Council in July, 2017 as an advisory board focused on transportation and transit issues within the city.

The board offers a venue to evaluate the relationship between mobility of all types and the economy, sustainability, safety, land use, neighborhood integrity, and emergency response times; and study the importance of transportation access to health care, employment, education, housing, business, and recreational facilities. The board’s recommendations contribute to community and neighborhood plans prepared by the Planning Commission and to policy and strategic decisions of City Council.

Please see Municipal Code 2.76.070 for a detailed list of duties.


The board is made up of seven members, each of whom is a resident of the City. The seven members are appointed by the mayor, with approval of a majority of the City Council. All members serve without compensation. Members of the board must not hold any other municipal office or position on a standing municipal board, commission or authority, except that members of the board may serve on other temporary committees, task forces, or similar ad hoc groups, and may serve as an ex officio member on another city board or commission to enhance collaboration, upon appointment by their primary board or commission. Members serve staggered terms of four years. No person having served two complete consecutive terms on the board shall be appointed by City Council unless, upon appointment, at least four years have passed since that person’s previous term. In addition to the foregoing membership, the city manager has the option to appoint up to two additional non-voting members to the board, from the Police Department, the Fire Department or any other city department.

It is intended that the Mobility and Transportation Advisory Board membership consist of a diverse and committed group of individuals with a variety of complementary skills, critical thinking abilities and expertise as necessary to fulfill their duties. Diversity of backgrounds, neighborhoods and interests helps the board understand and make recommendations to benefit the entire community.


The Mobility and Transportation Advisory Board meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. in Council Chambers at 911 10th Street, unless otherwise noted.

The meetings will be open to the public.

Board Members and Term Expiration Date

Dixie Termin (Chair)
Erik Petersen (Vice Chair)

Elaine Marolla
Christian VanWynGarden
Terese Decker
Alicia Zimmerman
Richard Grubin


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