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Smoke-free Golden

To report an issue, please contact the non-emergency police dispatch number at 303-980-7300.

On January 1, 2015, the City of Golden broadened its smoke free and vapor free laws; another step forward in its goals to become a healthier place to live, work and play. The Golden City Council unanimously voted to expand the City’s smoke-free law to include the use of e-cigarettes and other vaporizing devices, and also expanded the law to include many more areas of town.

Below you will find a summary of the changes, the full Ordinance and some frequently asked questions.

Resources for Businesses

We want your customers and employees to understand the new smoke and vapor-free ordinance. To help spread the word, we have created some signage that can be used by businesses. Feel free to print these out yourself, or call Jefferson County Public Health at 303-275-7555 if you would like laminated signs.

Summary of Changes to the City’s Smoke-Free Ordinance

(as of January 1, 2015)

  • All City of Golden owned or controlled parks, open space, indoor and outdoor pools, sports/athletic fields, water parks and associated spectator areas.
  • All City-owned trails, biking and walking paths and the 25-foot perimeter surrounding these areas.
  • All public transit waiting areas (such as shelters, stops and light rail platforms).
  • Fossil Trace Golf Course including the associated grounds and facilities, but not including the course of play.
  • All outdoor areas in the Clear Creek RV Park.
  • All events occurring in non-residential zones that require a City-issued special event permit.
  • Downtown area sidewalks and public rights of way on both sides of Washington Avenue between 10th and 14th streets, as well as both sides of 12th and 13th streets between Arapahoe and Ford streets, including customer seating/service areas located on those public rights of way.
  • Within 25 feet of all outdoor seating areas of any business, including bars and restaurants, when those seating areas are located on a public right of way (such as public sidewalks, streets and alleys).
  • Within 25 feet of the main entry of all buildings and facilities that are smoke/vapor-free under the ordinance.
  • The City Manager or his/her designee may designate permissible smoking areas at his/her discretion in certain outdoor public areas or during certain outdoor events requiring a City-issued event permit.

Golden joins cities with similar laws, including Edgewater and Lakewood, that also added the use of vaporizing devices to their smoke-free laws, and joins Fort Collins in also increasing the places covered by their smoke-free law.

During early discussions about the ordinance, some concerns were raised about the use of e-cigarettes for more than just nicotine. These devices may be used for non-nicotine flavored “e-juices” as well as for concealed use of marijuana and other substances, potentially making enforcement difficult. This concern prompted Council to expand the definition of electronic smoking devices to include those for use of any substance.

The ordinance also allows for businesses not covered by the ordinance to extend the smoke and vapor-free laws to their properties. The new law goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2015.

Thinking about quitting?

You don’t have to do it alone. Resources are available to help you become tobacco-free:

CO QuitLineTobacco Free CO
COG Mesa

 Golden has 402 acres of open space
and maintains 253 acres of parks right within the city itself.

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