City Attorney

The City Attorney is appointed by City Council. Dave Williamson, of the firm of Williamson & Hayashi, LLC., serves as the City Attorney. The other members of the firm are William Hayashi, Partner, and Keith Martin, Associate.

City Attorney’s Duties

  • Advises City Council and staff on legal issues pertaining to their duties and functions
  • Attends all City Council meetings
  • Drafts ordinances, resolutions and contracts
  • Represents the City’s Liquor License Authority
  • Serves as the City’s prosecutor in municipal court, and handles litigation.

Contact the City Attorney’s Office:

Williamson & Hayashi, LLC
1650 38th Street
Ste. 103W
Boulder, CO, 80301

Phone: (303) 443-3100
Fax: (303) 443-7835

For prosecution matters, please contact:

Municipal Court Prosecutor

Andrew Ausmus
911 10th Street
Golden, CO, 80401


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Golden was originally chosen as the territorial capital of Colorado in 1862.

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