In Golden, as across the U.S. and other nations, we are faced with the impacts of population growth, resource consumption and increased energy needs. Golden is also affected by regional impacts such as the economy, the structuring of local tax revenues, and competing needs for resources by adjacent communities. Based upon community and City Council direction, the Sustainability Division supports community policies, programs and efforts for “living or acting in a manner that balances improving our quality of life, a healthy vibrant community, and mindful stewardship of the natural resources and environment while protecting the ability of future generations to do the same.” The Sustainability Division supports the Community Sustainability Advisory Board and works under the direction of the City Manager’s Office.

LEED for City Buildings

In 2008, City Council passed Resolution No. 1937 pdf icon, which set a baseline for municipal buildings to achieve. The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver designation sets a target for all new city buildings and remodeling projects over 5,000 square feet. Recent green building projects include:

Public Works & Planning Administration Building remodel

Public Works BuildingThe Public Works & Planning Administration Building at 1445 10th Street was remodeled in 2011. This project is aiming for LEED Gold certification through the US Green Building Council, even higher than the Silver standard recommended by CSAB and set by City Council in 2008 through Resolution No. 1937.

The project a great example of how the City can reuse old facilities and in the spirit of the energy conservation goals, maintains a responsibility of reducing, not expanding, the City’s energy consumption footprint through the following measures:

  • Reduced lighting power by more than 20% below the minimum standards by using LEDs, CFLs, and occupancy sensors.
  • Diverted 50% of the construction waste from the Foothills Landfill and will reuse asphalt and concrete in the City’s paving program.
  • Has committed 100% of its annual electricy use to be provided by green power for at least two years. The purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) will offset conventional electricy with a combination of wind, biomass, small hydroelectic, and geothermal power.
  • Strives for a healthy building and includes paints furninture and flooring with low VOC content and an efficient ventilation system for indoor air quality.
  • Restored 60% of the site to a native vegetation, reducing imperviousness and increasing water quality of stormwater runoff.
  • The final landscaping will feature native trees, xeric plants, a fruit orchard – all irrigated with an extremely efficient non-potable drip system.
  • All appliances are Energy Star certified.

Golden Cemetery Office Building remodel

Golden Cemetery buildingIn 2010, the City renovated this small (320 square foot) historic office building using green building best practices. In addition to making the visitor area accessible to those with disabilities, the project included the following sustainable efforts:

  • Ground-source heat pump HVAC system
  • Colorado-harvested beetle kill pine floor and ceilings
  • Water-based low volatile organic compound (VOC) sealer
  • Recycled rubber roof with shake shingle appearance to maintain historic character
  • Energy-efficient spray foam insulation attaining a minimum of R-50
  • Wheatboard medium-density fiberboard for interior cabinets made from wheat stalks and contains zero VOCs or urea-added formaldehyde
  • Low-e glazing on north windows
  • LED lighting
  • 20% minimum fly ash content in concrete
  • Salvaged stone from existing exterior for reconstruction
  • Low-flow water fixtures (sinks, toilet)
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 Golden was named after Thomas L. Golden,
a gold prospector who arrived in Jefferson County in 1858.

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