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The Planning Commission meets on the first Wednesday evening of each month in public hearing unless otherwise noted on the calendar. These meetings take place in City Council Chambers, City Hall, 911 10th Street at 6:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted on the community calendar. Study sessions meet the third Wednesday of each month.

To view agendas of upcoming meetings, view minutes or listen to audio of meetings, visit our Agenda, Minutes, Web Casts, Schedule page.

Board Members

Board Member Term Ends
Patricia Evans April 2024
Crissy Fanganello April 2024
Jen Rutter April 2024
Ross Fraser April 2024
Kevin Yoshida April 2026
Crystal Culbert April 2026
Elijah Pittman May 2027
Emily Kurzinski June 2027

The Golden Planning Commission, established in 1948, offers the residents who serve many unique opportunities to shape the City’s built environment:

  • To actively participate in the welfare and planning of the city.
  • To learn all facets of the regulations governing city planning.
  • Assume an active role in any regulation or policy changes involving zoning and subdivision activity.

The Commission is comprised of seven members and one alternate. Chairperson and Vice Chairperson are selected from within the Commission by its members and is staffed by the Planning Department.  Planning Commission cases are updated on the Planning Projects page on

To provide comments to the Planning Commission for a public hearing or general public comments, email or contact the Planning Department at 303-384-8097 or write to Planning, 1445 10th Street, Golden, CO 80401.


The planning commission shall have general supervision of all planning for the development, expansion, and growth of the city. The planning commission shall perform quasi-judicial review of land use applications when required by the provisions of the Golden Municipal Code and, periodically, prepare comprehensive long term plans for the growth and development of the city. The planning commission shall serve as a fact-finding board to make decisions and/or findings and recommendations to city council for specific requests as identified in title 18 of the Golden Municipal Code.

In the preparation of city plans, the Commission may do any of the following:

  • Conduct public hearings.
  • Conduct investigations.
  • Perform studies.
  • Administer surveys.
  • Prepare maps, charts, exhibits, and reports.
  • Perform all other acts and duties necessary to the promotion of public interest and understanding of its programs and plans.

The commission shall serve in a direct advisory capacity to the city council in the following matters:

  • Opening, closing, vacating, and abandoning streets, alleys, and other public ways
  • The study of a land use plan, showing the proposed general distribution, location, and extent of residential areas, business areas, industrial areas, and areas for recreation and education and other categories of public and private use of land
  • Recommend standards and regulations affecting land subdivision
  • Recommend regulations governing the use of land; the height, area, bulk, and uses of public and private buildings and structures
  • Recommend site development design standards and guidelines for evaluation of private multi-family and commercial construction projects in the community
  • Recommend the adoption of regulations and ordinances calculated to promote the healthful and convenient distribution of population in the city; for the promotion of public safety; for the promotion and development of attractive overall civic design and the development of natural resources of the city; for the promotion and development of metropolitan area planning, growth, and expansion
  • Recommend policies that relate to the intersection between land use and transportation, and that promote the appropriate mix of modes of transportation
  • Act as a conduit of information between the city and the community to gather and assess the information necessary to make sound and consistent advisory recommendations in areas of land use and community development.
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 Did You Know?
Golden was originally chosen as the territorial capital of Colorado in 1862.

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