Accounting Paper WorkThe Finance Department is headed by the City Treasurer/Finance Director, and is responsible for providing accurate, relevant and timely reports to management, City Council, and citizens regarding the financial status of the City and impact of financial decisions.

The Department also maintains the City’s accounting system and is responsible for making policy recommendations to the City Manager and Council to preserve the long-term financial health of the City.

For Sales Tax related questions, please call 303-384-8024 or email All other questions should be directed to

Interactive Financial Reports

The City of Golden is committed to transparency and providing accessible financial information. The City has partnered with OpenGov to offer an interactive online platform to provide easy access to the City’s financial data. These Interactive Financial Reports provide sortable data and easy to understand graphs and charts, with data updated monthly. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Finance Director, Jeff Hansen, at 303-384-8020 or

Click to visit OpenGov and explore Golden Interactive Financial Reports.

Finance Department Responsibilities

  • Accounting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Auditing (Internal and Sales/Use Tax)
  • Budget
  • Cash Management
  • Cashiering
  • Debt Management
  • Debt Policy
  • Financial Statements (CAFR)
  • Fixed Assets
  • Investments
  • Lodging Tax Collection
  • Payroll
  • Purchasing and Payment Policy
  • Sales and Use Tax Collection
  • Utility Billing

The City’s financial documents are available for download in PDF format below. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Finance Director, Jeff Hansen, at 303-384-8020 or

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

How to read the CIP

To review the CIP, the best place to start is with the Summary Sheets for each Fund. This will provide an overview of past revenues, expenses, and fund balances (where applicable), along with projections for the current year. Next you can see the Proposed Budget for next year, along with projections/recommendations for the following nine years. Please note that the last Summary Sheet includes a list of projects that were “Submitted but Not Recommended”. These are projects that are on the City’s radar but are not currently prioritized or viable for various reasons.

If you would like additional information about any line in the 10 Year Capital Improvement Plan, including unfunded projects, please go to the Project Detail Sheet documents. The reference number to the left of the account names in the 10 Year Capital Improvement Plan corresponds to the numbered project detail sheets within each fund. You will find the corresponding number in the top right section of the project sheet, which provides additional information on each project within an individual fund. For example, to read additional detail on line number 11 on the Sales and Use Tax Fund’s Expenditures Summary, you would click on the “SUT Fund Project Detail Sheet” document, and find the project sheet that has “SUT #11” in the top right corner.

Quarterly Financial Reports

Expense/Expenditure Transactions

For expense/expenditure transaction reports, please visit our Interactive Financial Reports page.

The transactions are extracted from the City’s financial system. Please note that, while rare, certain transactions contain confidential information that has been redacted. If you have questions, or for more information, please contact Finance Director Jeff Hansen at 303-384-8020 or

Sales Tax Reports

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Golden was originally chosen as the territorial capital of Colorado in 1862.

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