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Downtown City BannerWhether you’re planning a parade, a festival, a 5K run or just a neighborhood block party, the City of Golden would like to help you make your event possible. Some events need a permit, for example, if you are requesting a street closure, or planning to serve or sell alcohol.  Other events can make use of a pavilion rental in one of Golden’s parks, or just show up in a park and have fun.

The best place to start planning your event and the Special Event Application process is by downloading the Special Events Guide pdf download. Here you will find the answers to all your questions relating to hosting a special event in Golden.

Do I Need a Permit for My Event?

Answering a few simple questions will help you determine if you need to apply for a Special Event Permit.

  • Is the anticipated attendance 50 or more?
  • Will you be serving or selling alcohol?
  • Will you be using amplified sound, other than for announcements or a simple ‘boom box’?
  • Will you have vendors at the event who are selling goods or services, like a yoga class?
  • Will you be using any temporary structures, like tents, bleachers, a stage, or inflatables?
  • Will your event close or change the traffic pattern of a street or alley?
  • Will your event impact the public use of a park or natural resource?

If you answer “YES” to any of these questions, you will most likely need to apply for and obtain a Special Event Permit.

Please read the Special Events Guide before beginning your application.

Special Events Guide Cover

New Events

If you are planning a new event, one that has not been previously issued a Special Event Permit, then you will have to go through the Special Event Review Committee.

Begin this process by completing and submitting the New Event Packet, available for download below.

These forms can be submitted up to one year in before your event.


Events in Golden are assigned a Tier Classification based on many factors, including attendance, duration of alcohol service and impacts to the community.  Events will also pay a Damage Deposit related to their tier classification. Fees will depend on the Tier Classification of your event, as well as where and when you are holding it.  Please refer to the Special Event Guide for fees related to your event.


Your completed special event application, with all fees, must be submitted no later than 60 days before your event.  New events will need additional time to go through the Special Event Review Committee, so please plan accordingly.

Deadline for Special Events Applications: 60 days in advance of event

Questions? Contact the Office of Special Events at events@cityofgolden.net or Diane Tiberi at 303-277-8728.

Special Event Alcohol License Application

The City of Golden has updated the Special Event Alcohol Permit application and fees.  There are specific rules and regulations governing the sale or service of alcohol at your event.  The applicant must be from a qualifying organization per 44-5-102 C.R.S. (Colorado Revised Statutes). It is the applicant’s responsibility to read and understand the rules and regulations regarding sales or service of alcohol at an event.  If an applicant has questions regarding the process or application, it is recommended that they seek legal counsel on the interpretation of the regulations.

A complete application and payment must be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to the event. If you are ALSO applying for a Special Event Permit for your event on City Property, the Special Event Liquor Permit may be submitted in conjunction with that application. The Special Event Liquor Permit Application also includes a checklist for your reference.

Pavilion and Facilities Rentals

Pavilion and facilities rentals are managed through the Parks and Recreation Department, not through Special Events. If you are interested in renting a park pavilion or a city facility for private use, please visit the Facilities and Use Rentals page for more information.

Sustainable Events

The City of Golden is striving to make its special events as sustainable as possible and to reduce solid waste by 80% by 2030. We need your help as an organizer to help us make that happen. Events, just by their nature, produce an excessive amount of waste – half of which is from food service ware. Fortunately, Golden has an extensive supply of resources to help you make your event more sustainable.

The City of Golden has created a guide, Sustainable Event Regulations, to assist organizers in producing sustainable events at the City of Golden properties. The goal is to achieve lower energy use and higher waste diversion to lessen the environmental impact of events and to educate organizers, vendors, and attendees about sustainable practices. Please check out this valuable resource to assist you in helping Golden meet its sustainable event goals.

Sustainable Event Regulations

Vendor Template Letter

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