Golden Sustainability proudly offers rebates for a variety of residential and commercial sustainability upgrades. Stay tuned for the new application process, and updated rebates!

Smart Irrigation Technology

A smart irrigation controller uses local weather conditions to tailor watering schedules to conditions on site. Watering schedules are also matched to each irrigation zones’ water needs. The user will need to input data about each irrigation zone such as soil type, exposure, vegetation type, sprinkler head type, and slope. On most smart controllers, this can be done from your mobile phone. The City of Golden will issue a rebate for half the price of a qualifying smart controller up to $100.

A rain sensor is an addition to your irrigation controller that acts like a switch and shuts down your sprinkler system when it rains. The user must input the amount of rain needed before the system shuts off, as well as how long the system will stay off once triggered. The City of Golden will issue a rebate for the full price of a qualifying rain sensor up to $50.

For more information on what technology qualifies please see the Smart Irrigation Rebate List.

Home Insulation

Excel offers rebates for the following projects in existing homes- air sealing, attic insulation upgrades, and wall insulation upgrades. These rebates help offset the initial cost of insulation and air sealing upgrades that could save 10 to 20% on your heating and cooling bills. You’ll also experience improved comfort by reducing drafty spots in your home, reducing noise from the outside, and reducing the amount of pollen, dust, and insects entering your home.

Golden Sustainability will match these Xcel rebates up to $250 per property.

Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps

An Air Source Heat Pump draws out the heat and humidity to cool your home, like a central air conditioning system. To heat your home, the heat pump draws heat from outside air and brings it inside. Air source heat pumps generally cost about 20% more than a central air conditioner of a similar capacity and efficiency and can save up to $1,726.34 over the course of its lifetime.

Golden Sustainability will match the Xcel rebate up to $500 for a high-efficiency ASHP or $300 for a standard efficiency ASHP. Limited one rebate per property.

A Ground Source Heat Pump is connected to closed loops in the ground, usually filled with a water-based solution. Below the frost line, ground temperature is constant, so the equipment doesn’t have to work as hard to transfer energy, which makes it more efficient. The installation price can be several times as much as an ASHP, but the lifetime estimate is 25 years for the equipment and 50+ years for the ground loop,* compared to 19 years for central AC or ASHP systems.

Golden Sustainability will match the Xcel rebate up to $300 per heating ton for a GSHP with Quality Installation or $300 for a standard efficiency GSHP. Limited to one rebate per property.

Mini-Split Heat Pump

The main advantages of a mini-split heat pump are their small size and flexibility for zoning of heating and cooling individual rooms as these systems do not require a central ventilation system. Simple installation and higher energy efficiency are the other two major advantages.

Golden Sustainability will match the Xcel rebate up to $300 per property.


Available for both existing buildings and new construction, these Xcel rebates offer a lot of flexibility as well as additional help for small businesses. Lower your upfront costs and speed up the payback on a wide range of lighting efficiency improvement projects, including LED upgrades.

Golden Sustainability will match Xcel rebates for LED fixture upgrade to $150 per business. Application process coming soon.

Restaurant Compostable Takeout Container Program

To encourage restaurants to make the switch from Styrofoam to compostable takeout containers, Golden Sustainability will offer a limited-time rebate up to $250 with proof of compostable container purchase. The rebate will cover a $0.08 premium per compostable unit over Styrofoam containers. Participation in this program can be a prerequisite to future programs.

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