2021/2022 Moratorium on New Construction

January 2022 Moratorium Update

On January 25, City Council will be considering an extension of the current moratorium on new residential construction for an additional 120 days. The current 180-day moratorium is set to expire in January 2022, and the proposed extension would add an additional 120 days in order to allow time to formally adopt the new draft zoning code and zoning map prior to the resumption of residential construction. Please see the City Council memo and Draft Ordinance 2172 for further details.

The moratorium prevents construction of any new dwelling unit structures or the expansion of existing dwelling unit structures. This impacts single family, accessory dwelling units, duplex, and multifamily structures.

The moratorium does NOT impact households in the RE, C1, C2, CC1, CC2 and PUD zone districts or any non-household structures such as sheds, detached garages, fences, pergolas, decks, and similar structures. Remodels of existing structures are not impacted either, even those that include new dwelling units within existing square footage (e.g. basement finishes).

Clear Creek Development

The Planning Division works with citizens and businesses to ensure that land use complies with the City of Golden zoning regulations. The division coordinates with the Planning Commission to process and review site plans and subdivision plats, and to approve land use and rezoning.

In addition, the division works with the Planning Commission to modify, update and utilize the City of Golden’s Comprehensive Plan.  The plan defines the long range goals and intentions regarding the nature and direction of future development within the City of Golden.  It contains elements on land use, transportation, community facilities, urban design, and housing.

The Planning Division encompasses many aspects of developing the city we live in, including business development, land use issues, historic sites preservation, and setting community values for long-range planning.

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 Did You Know?
Golden was originally chosen as the territorial capital of Colorado in 1862.

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