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City Programs

Housing and Homelessness Navigator

The City of Golden has a dedicated Community Resource & Housing Navigator who assists people experiencing a housing crisis by helping them navigate resources and support. The goal is to help people access stable housing with the services and resources necessary to maintain that housing.

The Navigator meets with people experiencing homelessness to identify solutions to complex health and housing challenges that work best for them, and to support those seeking a pathway out of homelessness.

The Community Resource & Housing Navigator is not an emergency, on-call position. However, if you or someone you know needs resources or support, the Navigator can most easily be reached by email at or by phone at 303-621-5744.

Police Co-Responder

For emergencies, the Golden Police Department utilizes a Co-Responder to better address emergency and non-emergency mental and behavioral health crisis calls.

Additional Resources

The City also works in conjunction with Jefferson County to share resources for people in need.

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City Strategies

The City of Golden is committed to being a place where all people are safely housed. The City has instituted a wide range of immediate, intermediate, and long-term actions to address this growing need, focused on three goals:

  • Stop homelessness before it begins.
  • Prioritize the safety and security of all residents in Golden.
  • Align resources to support people experiencing homelessness.

The following actions are being planned and implemented to support these goals:

Immediate Actions

  • Enforcement: Ensuring laws are followed and ordinances/codes are enforced
  • Engagement:  Creating meaningful engagement with people who are experiencing homelessness to understand what their needs are, and help provide assistance:
    • Meeting basic needs
    • Emergency Shelter (hotel vouchers and referral/wait lists for shelters)
    • Supportive and transitional housing, where available
    • Affordable Housing (housing vouchers through Foothills Regional Housing Authority)
  • Affordable Housing:  Preservation of naturally occurring affordable housing
    • Rental Assistance to keep people from being evicted
    • Connecting to other benefits and services to help with economic instability
  • Funding: Securing funding for support services to help people maintain employment (showers, laundry, etc.)

Intermediate and Long-Term Actions

  • Pallet Shelters:  The City submitted grants in partnership with other jurisdictions to create pallet shelters as temporary dwellings for unhoused people until longer-term solutions can be achieved.
  • Partnerships:  Strengthen regional partnerships with established homeless service providers to maximize care coordination and resource allocation, including:
    • Jeffco Homeless Coalition
    • Metro Denver Homeless Initiative
    • One Home
    • Jeff Co Heading Home
    • Severe Weather Shelter Network
    • Heading Home
    • School districts
    • Neighboring municipalities
    • Denver Regional Council of Governments
    • USICH
    • Family Tree
    • Jefferson County Government
    • DU Housing and Homeless
    • Community Table
    • Jefferson Center for Mental Health
    • Area hospitals
    • NGO service providers
    • Foothills Regional Housing Authority
  • More Beds:  Seeking opportunities to fund the creation of additional shelter beds with partners in the region.
  • More Housing Opportunities:  Partner on the expansion of transitional, supportive and affordable housing for a broader range of income levels locally, regionally and statewide.
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 Did You Know?
Golden was originally chosen as the territorial capital of Colorado in 1862.

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