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Permit Application Requirements

On April 4, 2022 the City of Golden started with a new, easy-to-use online platform for processing all Building, Fire and Planning permits.

You will no longer need to submit permits to us in-person at our offices–you’ll be able to submit your application with ease using your desktop computer.

Visit our Online Portal!

What does that mean for you?

  • Ease of use and ability to track when applying for permits, contractor registrations, ROWs, etc.
  • All payments will be made through the Online Portal.
  • If you need assistance on what type of permit you need, please refer to our Required Permits Guide pdf download.
  • All inspection requests will be made through the Portal.
  • All scheduled inspections will be confirmed in an email notification.
  • Inspections will still occur from the north to the south.
  • No more calling and waiting to hear back from staff to make a payment.
  • Plans will not be printed on the front end of the application, and approved plans will be printed when approved. No more paper revisions!

 to register for an account and submit permits online.

Here is the Required Permits Guide.

Important information

* Permit Fees are based on the valuation of the project. The Plan Review Fee (when applicable) is paid upon submittal of the permit application. Building Permit Fees and Building Use Tax are due upon issuance of the permit.

Revisions to a Permit will be done through the portal as an Amendment to the permit.   

***To determine if the property is within the City of Golden please use the Jefferson County Address Wizard. Enter only the street number and look at the municipality listing.

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 Golden has 402 acres of open space
and maintains 253 acres of parks right within the city itself.

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