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Permit Application Requirements

BlueprintsA Building Permit Application pdf download is to be submitted for all required permits. Please see our Required Permit Guide pdf download for more information on what does and does not require a building permit.

For more specifics please visit our Building page.

Residential Plan Requirements

  • Plan review fee
  • One (1) hard copy sets of the plans
  • If Plans are larger than 11 x 17  please provide ( 1 ) USB with plans loaded.
  • Building Permit Application pdf download

Commercial Plan Requirements

Important information

* Permit Fees are based on the valuation of the project. The Plan Review Fee (when applicable) is paid upon submittal of the permit application. Building Permit Fees and Building Use Tax are due upon issuance of the permit.

** A Revised Submittal Form pdf download must be submitted for any projects that require additional, revised, or supplemental information.

***To determine if the property is within the City of Golden please use the Jefferson County Address Wizard. Enter only the street number and look at the municipality listing.

COG Mesa

 Golden was named after Thomas L. Golden,
a gold prospector who arrived in Jefferson County in 1858.

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City of Golden, Colorado
COG Mesa
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