Contractor Registration & Inspections

Contractor Registration

The City of Golden requires a Contractor Registration Application for any contractor doing business within the City Limits. Please visit our Citizen Portal  You will need to register for an account, and then visit “Licenses” to register as a contractor.

Contractor License Renewals – All Contractors that need to renew their license with us will need to submit a NEW CONTRACTOR LICENSE  within the new Citizen Portal

Contractor License Fees are the same:

  • Contractors (most trades) with an ICC Exam or Denver License:  $75.00
  • Contractors (most Trades) without an ICC Exam or Denver License:  $150.00
  • Plumbing Contractors:  $75.00
  • Electrical Contractors:  No Fee
  • Fire Prevention/Life Safety:  $75.00

Jobsite On-Site License Checks

Per the State of Colorado, inspectors may randomly check for state Electrical & Plumbing License Compliance at commercial and multi-family projects. Please refer to the Contemporaneous Reviews of State Licensure Guide pdf download.

To check to see if an address is in the city limits of Golden, go to the Jefferson County Address Wizard – be sure to look under “Municipal Status.”

For more information on ICC Standardized Contractor Exams go to

Inspection Requests

Call 303-384-8198 to request an inspection.

Please have the following information available before calling:

  • Permit Number
  • Address of Project
  • Type of Inspection(s) to be performed

We are transitioning to a Citizen Portal Electronic Database and will phase into Inspection Requests online through the portal. Stay tuned for more information to come.

As a general guideline, inspections will start in the North and Central areas of the City in the morning, and the South areas in the afternoon. Unfortunately, we cannot set appointments or offer time frames beyond this guideline. Inspection requests submitted before 4 p.m. will occur the next business day. No return calls will be made for verification, and there are no inspection time frame windows available.

Once a permit has been issued, it is the responsibility of the construction contractor or the homeowner to ensure that the building is ready for inspection on the day the inspection is requested.

Types of Inspections & Requirements for Each

  • Inspection schedule mapMap of inspection schedule times pdf download *Please note, times are rough estimates. Many other factors can impact the schedule.
  • Electrical inspections have been running later. Our inspector is contracted by the City of Golden, and performs inspections for other municipalities as well.

Calling for Inspections

Inspections must be called in to the inspection request line at 303- 384-8198 by 4 p.m. the previous day. Be sure to leave the permit number, address, type of inspection requested, and any special or unique conditions that may apply.

Virtual Inspection Procedures

Due to the COVID-19 Virus in 2020, the Building Division created a procedure for in-home or inhabited space inspections to be performed virtually utilizing cell phones, iPads, etc. Please refer to the Virtual Inspection Document pdf download.

Roofing Inspections

Mid-Roof inspections must be performed between 25-60% complete. Final Roof inspections must take place. Ladders must be in place for both inspections.

Footing or Caisson Inspections

Caisson inspections must be made by a professional engineer licensed in the State of Colorado, and a stamped inspection report must be submitted.

Footing inspections should be requested once excavation is completed and forms and rebar are in place for footing pours. The inspection should be done by the City Inspector. It may be performed by a professional engineer, provided a signed and stamped inspection report be furnished to the City prior to the foundation and damp proofing inspection.

Concrete Reinforcing Inspection

This inspection is made when foundation wall or grade beam forms and reinforcements are in place and ready for concrete pour. This is accomplished in the same manner as for caissons and footings.

Foundation and Damp Proofing Inspection

This inspection must be made prior to back-filling when all basements or areas below the backfill area have had all defects grouted and damp proofing applied.

Rough Plumbing Inspections

This inspection is requested once plumbing piping has been installed. The underground plumbing, drain, waste, vents and water piping may be inspected individually, in combination, or all at once. Pressure test at 5 p.s.i. or when ten feet of water head is required for drain, waste and vents. Water piping must be under street pressure or a 50 p.s.i. pressure test.

Gas Pipe Inspection

This inspection, which requires an air test of 10 p.s.i., must be requested before the concealed gas lines are covered. This inspection and meter release inspections must be made before the Public Service Company will install the meter.

Rough Heating Inspection

This inspection is requested when all duct work, flues, heating, hot water lines and refrigeration lines are installed, but before they are covered or concealed.

Rough Electrical Inspection

This inspection is requested when all outlet boxes are installed (switch, light, receptacle, etc.) and the wiring pulled and wire connections are installed. An underground electrical inspection may also be required.

Heat Meter Inspection

This inspection may be made with the rough electric inspection if the major heating appliance is installed and ready for operation and the main electrical panel is made up.

Rough Frame Inspection

Prior to requesting this inspection, a complete and detailed walk-through of the entire building, or portion of the building to be inspected, should be made and the following items completed:

  • Interior partitions and framing, floor framing and sub-flooring, stairs, etc., are completed and ready to be covered.
  • Repair is completed of any damage or alteration made by other trades, which do not meet code (i.e., holes too close to edge of studs, cuts or holes in sill plate, excessive notching of joists or studs, etc.)
  • Rough electrical, plumbing and heating inspections satisfactorily completed.
  • Building, as constructed, agrees with the approved plans.

Insulation Inspection

This inspection should be requested following the rough frame inspection once the insulation product installation is completed.

Drywall Inspection

This inspection is performed after drywall has been completely nailed or screwed to the framing, but before taping or covering the drywall.

Final Plumbing, Heating & Electrical Inspections

These inspections may be requested in any sequence once all applicable work to be inspected is compete. However, the appropriate utility meter must be installed before requesting a final inspection.

Fire Department Inspection

Single family detached structures, duplexes and townhomes are not generally subject to inspections by the Fire Department. However, all other occupancies, including but not limited to apartments or condominiums, core and shell or complete commercial buildings, and commercial tenant finish and alteration, require separate Fire Department inspections. All required or provided fire detection, alarm, and/or suppression systems and devices will be inspected during this inspection.

These inspections may be requested by the fire protection subcontractor where the structure is provided with a fire sprinkler or fire alarm system. Generally, the Final Fire Department inspection should be requested at the time of Final Building Inspection, and must be requested through the Fire Department by calling 303-384-8093.

Final Building Inspection

This inspection is normally the last inspection requested. All work requiring inspection must be completed prior to calling for this inspection.

If you are unsure if a specific item must be completed prior to a Final Inspection or Certificate of Occupancy, talk to your building inspector for clarification.

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