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Backflow Prevention Test Form

If you are a backflow prevention tester, access the test form below, then fill it out and click submit (easiest method!), or download as a pdf, fill out, scan the completed form and email to

What is Backflow Prevention & Cross Connection Control?

A cross-connection is any connection between a potable (drinking) water supply system and any source of non-potable or non-drinkable liquid, solid, or gas. Under certain circumstances of unequal pressure, a non-drinkable substance could either be pulled or pushed into the drinking water supply. This is called backflow.

Backflow can reverse the flow of water or other substances into the public or private water system, resulting in chemicals or contaminants getting into the drinking water. In other words, due to changes in pressure, the water can flow in the opposite direction from what is intended. This is why the installation, inspection and proper maintenance of backflow prevention assemblies and devices is imperative to the safety of your drinking water.

As a water purveyor, the City of Golden is committed to protecting the water distribution system that supplies the City’s drinking water. Compliance with testing of backflow prevention assemblies is an important step towards this protection. Therefore, you play an integral part of protecting the water distribution system. The City of Golden needs your assistance and values your cooperation in this endeavor.

To learn more about what backflow is, and how to avoid it, refer to the downloadable brochure Backflow — What it is and How to Prevent It pdf download or watch the above video.

Backflow prevention assemblies must be tested by a Certified Cross Connection Control Technician. Refer to the downloadable brochure How to Select a Certified Backflow Tester pdf download.  Please also refer to the brochure Testing Isolation Assemblies on Private Plumbing Systems pdf download.

Contact Information:

Les Major
City of Golden
Utilities Superintendent
1300 Catamount Dr.
Golden, CO  80403
Phone: 303-384-8170

Winterize Your Irrigation System

Learn how to winterize your irrigation system without damaging the backflow prevention assembly. Click on the backflow preventer in the following chart that looks most like your assembly, and read the linked PDF brochure for information on winterizing your irrigation system.

Backflow Preventers
Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preventer Pressure Vacuum Breaker Backflow Preventer
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If you have any questions about the City’s CCC Program, please contact Les Major at (303) 384-8170, by fax at (303) 384-8137 or by email at

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