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Construction began on the long awaited intersection of US 6 and 19th Street on February 8. The City of Golden is partnered with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to make the project come to fruition.

CDOT is in charge of most of the major road construction projects on highways throughout Colorado, so you can imagine that this project is not one of their largest. However, for us here in Golden, this is going to be a big fish in our small pond.

We know there will be a lot of questions, concerns and frustrations in the weeks, months and years to come as this project takes shape. We will work hard to make sure you have the very latest information going into the project and as it progresses.

The US 6 & 19th Street project was named “Linking Lookout” so anywhere you see those two words, you’ll find information on the project. Linking Lookout was chosen to represent what the project will ultimately bring to our community… a beautiful and user-friendly path between downtown Golden and the communities at the base of Lookout Mountain. In essence, we are “linking” Golden to Lookout to help bikers, pedestrians and cars cross over US 6 safely without hindering the flow of traffic.

Current Updates

Updates for the week of August 14, 2017

We continue to have calls with concerns about a right turn lane from eastbound 19th to eastbound US 6. There will be a turn lane in the final configuration, but it will not be a continuous lane that merges on the ramp. We have watched peak hour traffic and haven’t seen a queue of more than 4 cars, and delays less than 20 seconds. In fact the average delay has been more like 3 seconds. There is no plan to make a change beyond the turning lane shown in the plans at this time.

There will be lane closures on mainline US 6 east and west the next two weeks for landscape work in the median.

Grading for 19th as it approaches US 6 continues, and detour paving for eastbound 19th traffic was completed last Friday. This is the future median area that is now a temporary detour. The connection from the westbound ramp will be moved to the west when the short connection paving is completed. Then the remaining old 19th asphalt will be removed. There will still be a no-left-turn connection so westbound 19th traffic will still need to make a U-turn at Elm.

Work at the westbound off-ramp at 19th is proceeding, but it is very tight in this area so please be careful.

There will be milling, and top-lift paving on US 6 starting early next week.

Pedestrians are now using the final trail across the lid, but pay attention when you drive, walk or ride through the area — there is landscape activity all around.

There is a construction viewing area in the northwest corner that can be accessed from Parfet Estates Drive. Please park legally.

Watch twitter @LinkingLookout for closure notices.

US 6 under the lid is now open as of June 8, 2017!

Linking Lookout – April 2017

Linking Lookout Drone Shot April 2017

Linking Lookout – March 2017

Linking Lookout - March 2017

Linking Lookout – March 2016

Linking Lookout - March 2016

Project Videos

Watch the Interchange function with traffic projected in 2035.

Keeping Informed

button_enewsletterThere’s a ton of different ways to get information these days; everything from traditional newspapers to TV to the internet and social media. While the City plans to utilize many forms of communication tools, you will always find the very latest information right here on these pages. For sudden changes or updates, you can find us on Twitter @LinkingLookout. If you prefer the phone, we have a hotline set up at (303) 277-8777. Any notifications that need to be made will be on a recorded message on the hotline, but you can also leave a message if you have a question and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Want a birds-eye view of the roadwork? Once the project is underway, we will have live webcams available as well. And wherever you see the Linking Lookout orange logo, you will find information.

Community Meetings

Community MeetingThroughout the planning process, we have worked hard to gather community input. We hosted many open houses to review plans and get feedback. Now that the plans are set, we plan to continue to closely communicate with the public. Just before groundbreaking, the City hosted a community meeting to explain the project in its entirety. If you missed the meeting, you can watch it by going to the Community Meetings page.  Also, check out the FAQ page, which answers all of the questions asked by the public so far.

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