Zoning Regulations

Golden MapsCity Wide Zoning Map

To obtain the zoning district for a specific address please use the Golden Parcel Information Map.

Zoning Designation Descriptions and Regulations

Community Mixed Use Zoning (CMU – NC, CC1 and CC2) Regulations

Height & Setback Requirements

All zoning districts have particular requirements for building and structure Height, as well as Setbacks, which are minimum distances between the structure and the property line.

These zoning regulations are in place to preserve existing neighborhood character, and to keep new and additional development in observance of our Comprehensive Plan. After identifying your proper zoning by using the Parcel Information Map, please click on the link below to review height and setback regulations.

Development Regulations

Every Zone District located throughout the City has specific use and density regulations, which are outlined in Section 18.28 of the Municipal Code. Each Zone District also has specific uses, which are either permitted by right or could potentially be allowable by a Special Use Permit. Please see Special Use Permits for more information.

These development regulations are a guide to not only residential standards but to commercial, industrial, planned unit developments (PUD), and other outdoor development.

Parking Regulations

Parking is currently free to residents and visitors in Downtown Golden. There is both on-street parking and garage parking within walking distance of Washington Ave.

For new developments, additions, or construction on non-Residential lots, see Section 18.40.240 of the Municipal Code for Parking Design Guidelines and Standards. Often times parking requirements drive potential developments, so it is important to check that the minimum parking requirements will be met.

Requirements for provisions of parking differ based on the use involved, and on the area of town. If you are building on a downtown lot please visit Section 18.36.025 of the Municipal Code. If you are building on a lot that is not downtown, please visit Section 18.36.030 for regulations.

Section 18.52.025 of the Municipal Code discusses the topic of “Substitutional Parking Contributions” and the Parking Fee in lieu option for downtown parcels where there is little room to build parking on site.

Title 18 Code Enforcement

All formal complaints that wish to be investigated must have a filled out complaint form.

  • Title 18 Complaint Form
  • Once your complaint is received, staff will investigate any violations visible from the public right of
    way. If the complaint is able to be observed by staff, the owner or tenant can be contacted by staff to
    inform them of the violation.
  • If the violation is not visible from the public right of way, further investigation and assistance is
    needed to prove the violation. The party submitting the complaint must be willing to publicly present
    evidence in the form of a log of times and dates in which the violations occur and photos or written
    evidence in municipal court if required.
  • If there is enough evidence through observation and submitted evidence, the violator can be cited,
    however a citation will not be issued unless there is enough evidence of the violation.
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 Golden has 402 acres of open space
and maintains 253 acres of parks right within the city itself.

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