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Golden Fire Station LocationsThe City of Golden is approximately 9 square miles with a population over 18,000. Fire and rescue services are provided to the city from four different fire stations. The city is divided into two response districts: District 1 covers the north area and District 2 covers the south area of the city.

Station 21 is the only station that is located within District 1. This district is made up of various types of occupancies, with the majority being residential. Coors Tech, a manufacturer of ceramic goods, is part of the industrial community located within the North district. There are multiple levels of educational facilities within District 1. The Colorado School of Mines (a world renowned engineering university), Golden High School, an elementary school and several day care centers all reside in the North district. Also within walking distance of Station 21 is the historic downtown area of Golden.

Station 24 is located in District 2 (the South district), which also has mixed occupancies. Residential buildings makes up the majority of the area, but several light industrial and manufacturing facilities are spread around District 2.

The City of Golden is the Jefferson County Seat. A large portion of the County offices, including the courthouse, jail, and human services are located on the Jefferson County Campus. The county complex is located in the South district. Several day care centers and an elementary school round out the occupancies located in District 2.

Golden Fire Stations

Fire Station 21 Fire Station 24
911 10th Street

Golden, CO 80401

151 Heritage Road

Golden, CO 80301

COG Mesa

 Golden has 402 acres of open space
and maintains 253 acres of parks right within the city itself.

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