Payable Summons

Check Writing

Any traffic or criminal summons marked payable by a Golden Police Officer or a Colorado School of Mines officer may be paid in full by mail, in person, or with a credit card over the phone.

The court must receive your payment prior to the court date assigned on the summons or you must appear in court.

If you elect to pay the fine without appearing in court, you forfeit all rights available under the law regarding your case.

Upon payment of a traffic summons, a plea of guilty is entered on your case. If any points are assessed with that plea, we will report points to the Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division.

If you do not wish to enter a plea of guilty, you must appear in court on the date assigned on your summons. Failure to appear in court may result in a warrant for your arrest or a default judgment against your license, which could result in the cancellation of your Colorado driver’s license.

Fine and Fee Schedules

Restitution payments

Upon order issued by the judge, restitution payments are due in full.

Methods of Payment

Payments online:

Payments may easily be made through our online payment portal.

Payments in person:

Payments must be made by the end of the day prior to your court date. You may pay by credit card, check, money order or cash.

Payment by credit card:

Payments must be made the end of the day prior to your court date. Call the Golden Municipal Court at (303) 384-8006, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding holidays. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Payments by mail:

Payments must be made the end of the day prior to your court date. Attach a copy of your summons with your payment in full so we can identify payment and summons. Check or money order is recommended. You may call the court to verify that your payment was received in order to ensure that your case has been closed.

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