Investment Ready Projects

The following list contains significant infrastructure projects ready for investment.




Estimated Cost


US 6 and Heritage Road Intersection

New grade-separated interchange on Regional highway

Next element of Golden Plan; high priority for state and region

$30 million

Widen/relocate SH 93 from Washington north to 56th Ave.

Re-align SH 93 and widen to four lanes with at-grade intersections

Handles regional traffic, alleviates current and future congestion for foreseeable future on regional road

$148 million

Grade separate Iowa and SH 93

Disconnect Iowa from SH 93

Part of future upgrade of SH 93. Widening needs to be completed first and needs to be part of the Washington Interchange.

$3.5 million

Washington and SH 93 Interchange

Construct new interchange at Washington and SH 93

Part of future upgrade of SH 93

$17.5 million

US 6, SH 93, SH 58 Interchange

Construct new interchange at mouth of canyon on SH 93

Final interchange to realize Golden plan

$27.5 million

Enhanced transit connection from W line station to downtown Golden

Currently served by RTD Flex route, but a fixed rail extension or use of a more efficient emerging technology is desirable longer term

Long term strategy for sustainable transportation, part of 2020 Sustainability Strategic Plan


Enhanced transit connection from G line (Ward Road) station to downtown Golden

Initially imagined as a bus service, with the longer-term goal of extending the G line tracks and service along the existing RR ROW that is controlled by RTD and terminates near 311 10th Street

Long term strategy for sustainable transportation, part of 2020 Sustainability Strategic Plan


Flood Mitigation

Lena flood mitigation project

Improve gulch and floodplain to lessen flood risk I-70 to C-470

Lena Gulch is a major threat to persons and property in this area

$6 million

Kinney Run flood mitigation from 14th to 16th Streets

Extend new open channel drainage facility two additional blocks to 16th

Removes a substantial amount of East Downtown from floodplain

$4 million

Information Infrastructure

Broadband Backbone Phase 1

Master fiber ring circling Golden. 432 strand fiber to be installed. Provides ability to connect the vast majority of city resources to the network with lateral fiber builds. Can act as the core of a city broadband service or strands can be leased to partners.

High priority for City communications and the first step in a potential municipal broadband strategy.

$2 million

Broadband Background buildout

Step 2 in a broadband build effort. Specific action items depend on if a partner is identifier or if Golden builds independently.

Successor to the above step and maps the path forward for a final strategy


High speed internet to all

FttH (Fiber to the home) providing low cost, high speed internet to Golden residents and businesses. This can be completed as an independent Golden effort or with partners.

This would provide an additional connectivity option to Golden residents and businesses that would be low cost and high speed.


Intelligent Traffic Signals

Smart signals in key areas of town, such as downtown, where congestion and pedestrian/vehicle conflicts are most present.

Enables adaptive responses to vehicle and pedestrian traffic to reduce congestion and improve pedestrian safety and access. These signals also enable communication with autonomous vehicles (including transit vehicles) to enable them to cross intersections safely.


Sustainability Infrastructure

Community Solar Garden

Ground-mounted solar array in 1-3 identified sites for energy subscriptions available to Golden residents and businesses, including renters and low-income groups. Likely partnership and financing through third party developer.

Key strategy in achieving 100% community renewable energy goals.

+$4 million

Municipal Solar

Analysis of remaining city buildings for solar potential, solicitation of bids and projects for consideration of funding and installation.

Key strategy in achieving 100% municipal renewable energy goals.

$100k – $500k

Municipal EV Fleet

Development of a plan to research and evaluate current and future EV models for purchase. Plan development through collaboration between Fleet, Finance, Sustainability and potential assistance by Xcel Energy.

First phase of GoEV commitment through Resolution No. 2771 and plan will work toward a multi-year effort to achieve 100% electrification of municipal fleet.


EV Charging Infrastructure

Evaluate Xcel Energy’s EV rates and available funding and incentives for public and private infrastructure.

Strategy toward 100% electrified transportation.


COG Mesa

 Golden has 402 acres of open space
and maintains 253 acres of parks right within the city itself.

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