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The Public Art Commission (PAC) is responsible for the City of Golden’s Art in Public Places Program. Public art creates a vibrant atmosphere that contributes to the quality and cultural identity of our community. It is inspired by a variety of goals including encouraging cultural expression and inspiring a sense of civic pride.

Artists bring a unique perspective to the built and natural landscape of our City and create memorable spaces for residents, businesses, and visitors. Enhancing the character of community through public art directly supports cultural tourism and economic development.

The PAC has the responsibility of promoting, selecting, acquiring and maintaining public art in the fulfillment of the City’s Art in Public Places program.

Opportunities for Artists and the Community

Do you have a great idea for public art in Golden? We want to hear from you. The PAC reviews proposals for art from the community and artists every April and October. Schedule a meeting with a Steve Glueck via email at to go over to your public art ideas. For more details read the Public Art Proposal Form pdf download.

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PAC News

  • Want to learn more about our public art collection? The PAC teamed up with Arts Management and Planning Associates to commission a conditions and maintenance report. This helpful report provides pictures and maintenance cost estimates for each piece. You can find the report under the helpful documents portion of our page.
  • Mark your calendars for upcoming PAC meetings! The 2017 meeting calendar pdf download also shows a listing of topics that might be discussed at the meetings.
  • Don Kennel was selected by the PAC to create a public art piece for the roundabout near King Soopers. He is proposing an 18 foot colorful hummingbird. Install will occur in April of 2017.

New Public Art Along Clear Creek

The Clear Creek Trail behind the Golden Public Library is now home to 12, 2’ by 2’ diamond shaped medallions created by Roberto Delgado. The tiles feature more than 50 images of Goldenites past and present, historical pictures and news clippings, and photos of the community’s beautiful natural landscape. See the picture below to see an example of the new tiles.

Update on Potential Deaccession of Select Art Pieces

On Thursday, May 5, 2016 the Public Art Commission (PAC) held a public hearing to get community feedback on the potential deaccession of 6 artworks. The public art pieces are being considered for removal because they were created without the consent of the original artist. At the May meeting the PAC heard comments from more than 20 citizens and reviewed emails from another 40 citizens. The PAC was appreciative of the feedback, and will take citizen’s comments into consideration when making a final decision

Considering the public support in favor of keeping the statues, the PAC wants to make the best decision for the community, while ensuring that the City of Golden is not breaking any copyright laws.

At the May meeting the commission decided to obtain a legal opinion to get more information about the liability the City of Golden might encounter by having these particular statues on display. The City of Golden legal counsel got an opinion from a Denver based intellectual property lawyer.

On June 2 the PAC convened to discuss the legal opinion. The City of Golden attorney was present to answer any questions posed by commission members. The legal opinion mentioned that the City could face unfavorable legal actions by having the statues on display. The commission thought it was in the best interest of the community and the City to get a second opinion regarding the authenticity of the specific pieces in order to make the most informed decision.

The PAC still has not made a decision about the fate of the artworks, and understands the sentimental value the public art pieces provide Golden’s citizens and visitors. The additional information will most likely be discussed at the August 4, 2016 meeting.

What is Deaccession and Why Is It Being Considered

The City of Golden Art in Public Places program was formally established in 2013 to manage and add to the City’s collection of public art. The management efforts are guided by a handbook that requires the Public Art Commission (PAC) to review the collection biannually and to consider both additions and deletions. Deletions from the collection are generally described by the process known as deaccessioning. Deaccessioning is a process whereby the PAC conducts a formal review and decision whether or not to retain an art piece based upon several potential factors.

Why is deaccessioning being considered?  The PAC recently commissioned a conditions and maintenance report from Art Management and Planning Associates (AMPA). The report indicated that there were 6 pieces that were fraudulent and/or mass produced without the consent of the artist. The status of a specific art piece as fraudulent (sometimes referred to as a “knockoff”) is one of the criteria to consider removal from the collection. Another consideration is whether the PAC should continue to fund maintenance or repairs of knockoffs.

Which artworks are being considered?  Bear and Two Cubs, Brother and Sister at the Rodeo, Eddie at Bat, Kids Sledding, Two Deer, and Victorian Dress-Up. These artworks are located along the Clear Creek Corridor. (You can view these and other artworks in Golden on our Public Art page).

Does it matter that the Golden Public Art Collection displays inauthentic art?  Yes, one goal of the PAC is to display original works of art. Artists make their living off the sale of their artwork, and having inauthentic pieces in the collection is considered a detriment to support for legitimate artists.

Has the PAC made a final decision about getting rid of the artwork?  No, the PAC understands that the public art in question may have a sentimental value to the community, and the PAC wants to get input from the community, and to consider the best decision for the program and the community. The PAC wants to ensure that City of Golden is an ethical manner.

Learn more about this topic by reading the Plan for Collection Review pdf download.

Helpful Documents


The Public Art Commission meets the first Thursday of each month at City Council Chambers, 911 10th Street, from 9 to 10:30 a.m. These meeting are open to the public.

To view agendas of upcoming meetings or view minutes or stream audio of meetings, visit our Agenda, Minutes, Web Casts, Schedule page.

To view archived agendas and minutes from meetings prior to June 2015, please visit our Document Center.

For more information call (303) 384-8080.


The Commission is comprised of seven members, five of whom are citizen representatives.

Commission Member Term Ends
Julie Behrens April 2017
Susan De Camp April 2019
Hassan Najjar – Foothills Art Center April 2019
Emilie Lewis April 2019
Sandra Llanes – Golden Civic Foundation April 2017
Kurt Siegfried April 2017
Kristie Brice April 2017


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