City Clerk

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    911 10th Street
    Golden, CO 80401 

    Contact: Susan Brooks
    (City Clerk)
    (303) 384-8014
    Andrea De Luca
    (Deputy City Clerk)
    (303) 384-8015

    Section 7.6 of the Golden City Charter establishes the position of the City Clerk and says “the Manager with the approval of Council shall appoint a City Clerk, who shall be custodian of the City seal and who shall keep a journal of Council proceedings and record in full all ordinances, motions, and resolutions.

    The City Clerk shall have the power to administer oaths and take acknowledgements under seal of the City and shall perform such other duties as required by this Charter, the Council, and the City Manager.”

    The City Clerk attends all formal Council meetings and study sessions and takes minutes. The Clerk also conducts City elections; assists interested citizens with the initiative and referendum process; maintains the central records of the city; codifies ordinances; administers liquor licenses, special events liquor permits, coin operated amusement machine licenses, and other miscellaneous licenses.

    The City Clerk has extensive contact with the public to provide an information conduit regarding Council agenda items.

    City Clerk Department Services:
     Liquor Licensing  Neighborhood Grants
     Municipal Code  Boards & Commissions