Chickens & Small Animal Permits

Perky Dominique the ChickenThe City now allows the keeping of the below listed domestic animals with the approval of a Special Use Permit, processed through our Small Animals Permit Application pdf download with an accompanying fee of $45.

  • The keeping of up to 6 chicken hens
  • Vietnamese pot bellied pigs
  • Beehives for domesticated honeybees
  • Any dwarfed hoofed animal
  • Pigeon coops
  • Rabbits and or chinchillas

Please submit a sketch of the property where the chickens will reside to include dimensions and property lines, along with any fences and structures on the property. Additionally, you will need to submit a design of the proposed housing for the animals noting the means of predator proofing the enclosure.

The special use permit is not subject to renewal but can be suspended or revoked if the city determines the property is not in compliance with the code requirements.

For more information on Chickens & Small Animal Permits requirements and regulations, please see our Small Animals Brochure pdf download.

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