Small Animal Licensing

Perky Dominique the ChickenThe City allows the keeping of certain domestic animals with the approval of a Small Animal License.

Animals allowed with a license

  • The keeping of up to 6 chicken hens
  • Beehives for domesticated honeybees
  • Dwarf miniature goats
  • Pot-bellied pigs
  • Rabbits, chinchillas, or ducks

Municipal code requirements

Required materials for applying

  • Fill out and submit a Small Animal License Application using our Online Permitting Citizen Portal (register for an account to see application options.)
  • $45 made payable to the City of Golden
  • One legible copy of the recorded warranty deed for the property reflecting ownership – OR – A letter of authorization from the owner if applicant is other than
  • A written letter describing the request which includes what measures will be taken to create a predator resistant environment
  • One copy of a site plan of the property noting the location of the coup, hive or cage
    • Distance from the property line is required to ensure appropriate setbacks
  • Pictures, sketches or diagrams of the proposed structure including dimensions and square footage

Please give us five (5) business days to accept your application and get back to you via phone or email.

The Small Animal License is not subject to renewal but can be suspended or revoked if the city determines the property is not in compliance with the code requirements.

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