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Food trucks are welcome in the City of Golden, but must follow certain guidelines. They are not permitted to just park on any city street and sell Food Tr4uck Imagefood to customers, per Golden Municipal Code Section 10.04.340 1210 Parking Regulations –(b)(2): “It shall be unlawful for any person to park a food truck and conduct business upon any public right-of-way except as authorized and in compliance with a permit issued by the City’s office of special events.”

Food trucks in residential zoned areas are strictly prohibited from operating as a commercial business. If you wish to operate a food truck in the City of Golden, please make sure you understand the regulations first.

Where can I operate my food truck?

Food trucks are permitted to operate in Golden under the following circumstances:

  • On private property in mixed zone and commercial districts. For example, a local brewery or tasting room may invite a food truck to serve its patrons and the food truck may park in the parking lot or somewhere else on the business property that is off the city right of way. Research appropriate commercial and mixed use districts on our Zoning Maps page.
  • When a neighborhood applies for and receives a block party permit, a food truck may be invited and is permitted to sell to the block party attendees.
  • When an event organizer submits and is approved for a special event permit, food trucks are allowed to operate within the defined area of the approved special event location.
  • In conjunction with a paid pavilion rental at Tony Grampsas, Golden Heights or Lions Park. In this case, food trucks may only serve to the attendees at the event associated with the pavilion rental.
  • Food trucks serving events at Lions Park ARE NOT permitted to operate in, or utilize, the Golden Community Center parking lot.

What paperwork will I need to do before I can operate?

Before making plans or accepting bookings for your food truck in the City of Golden, please ensure you have the following squared away:

  • Obtain a Colorado Retail Food License  The Colorado Retail Food License may be obtained from the Jefferson County Public Health Department or any other Colorado Public Health Agency, with the exception of Denver. The City and County of Denver maintains their own licensing program.
  • A current Sales and Use Tax License in the City of Golden. If invited to participate in a permitted special event, a Temporary Vendor License pdf download may be obtained and presented instead.
  • Special Event or Block Party organizers who invite you participate in their events will need to submit current contact information and you may be asked to present a proof of current licensing with the State of Colorado and/or Jefferson County.

Food Truck Safety

Food trucks operating within the City of Golden, in addition to having a valid Mobile Food Vendors license, must have a current “Certificate of Inspection” from any of the participating jurisdictions of the Fire Marshals Association of Colorado (FMAC).  The mobile food vehicle inspection program was developed by the FMAC to ensure consistent safety procedures across the state of Colorado.  Golden, as a participating jurisdictions, requires that all food trucks have a yearly inspection and current Certificate of Inspection on hand and available to present to city staff or Fire Department personnel when operating in the city. All food trucks and mobile operating in the City of Golden are subject to inspection at any time by the Golden Fire Department.

Information about the FMAC Mobile Food Truck Inspection Program

To obtain a food truck permit and inspection from the Golden Fire Department, please visit the city Online Permit Portal. You will first be prompted to create an account. Then, under the “Fire” tab at the top, select the option for operational permits, and then food trucks. Upon completion of the application and payment of the permit fee, you will be able to schedule an inspection, after which you will receive the Certificate of Inspection mentioned above.

Please contact Golden Fire Marshal Scott Case at with any questions.

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